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Eikaiwa!30%off!Also by phone&email lessons!

*Nihongo & Eigo de!************************************************************
I send this email to you only once. *Anatani e-mail ikkai dake okurimasu.
If you mention to me or print out this e-mail, you will have 30%discount!
 *Kono e-mail wo moratta to oshiette kureruka matawa printoauto shitte, 30%OFF desu!
Please let know about my lessons to your friends! *Anatano tomodachini oshiette kudasai!

 * Konnichiwa,

How are you!? I saw your email address on homepage!

I am looking for students.You can also brush up your English!
 * Watashiwa seito sagashiteimasu.

I will be glad to teach you!!
 * Anata wo oshieru kikai areba ureshi desu!

Please check my Year 2000 No. 1 Shibuya Eikaiwa homepage:
(click on the address or type it correctly)
 *  Watashino Year 2000 No. 1  Shibuya Eikaiwa houmupejio mite
*Nihongo to Eigode desu!

You can also see my photo gallery at the homepage!
 * Fotogalery mo arimasu!

I give private(1 person) or group English lessons at office in my
apartment located in quiet area 4 min. on foot from Shibuya st.,South exit.

 * Shibuya eki,Minami guchi kara aruite 4pun kireide shizukana
 * home-ofisu de eigo oshiemasu. Praivetode matawa grupu.

I also teach over phone and via e-mail!
 * Denwa to emairu demo oshiemasu!

I have 4 years teaching experience in Japan and abroad; now
using best ways of teaching and material! I have been and lived
in 25 countries, where I have learned 7languages. So you will
improve your English abilities quickly!During lesson we also
discuss news, experiences, opinions.

 *Watashiwa 25 tazunette 7 kakokugo benkyo
 *shimashita-resunde eigoryoku hayaku jotatsu shimasu!
 *Lesson dewa news, keiken, iken nadoni tsuitemo hanashi aimasu.

If you mention to me or print out this e-mail, you will have 30%discount!
 *Kono e-mail wo moratta to oshiette kureruka matawa printoauto shitte, 30%OFF desu!

Prices: 4000yen an hour for private lessons,
2700yen an hour for 2-3 people group lessons.

I teach English by using the best new textbooks or copies and
speaking on different topics, depending on your hobbies&
interests. By teaching to understand movies, news in
English(CNN,BBC...),using print-outs of interesting internet
homepages, and playing English learning games. Lessons are
divided into reading, vocabulary, listening and speaking
parts.NEW, lessons using pictures of famouse sightseeing
places, countries, hobbies... in computer and speaking about it! 
I use aromatherapy,chocolate  and bird songs for relaxation and
speaking well.

Lessons on weekends and evenings OK!
 *Yugatta to kyujitsu mo lesson OK desu!

We can meet at easy to find place in Shibuya South-West exit.
And I will show you the way to my office, that is 4 minutes from there!
 *Shibuya eki,Minami guchi de attara, office made aruite 4 pun
 annai shimasu!

You can  make appointment over e-mail or phone!
 *E-mail to denwade yoyaku dekimasu.

Looking forward teaching  and speaking with you!

Sincerely yours,
Daniel Brenar
E-mail: DanielSchool@xxxxxxxxx
Homepage: http://DanielSchool.cjb.net

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