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Re: [Fwd: Evolution 1.2.2 & OpenOffice on RedHat 8.0]

Hello Rod,

> Sorry for the English email, but I'm trying desparately to get Evolution
> and OpenOffice working with Japanese fonts on Redhat 8.0

I do not know the details for setting Japanese on RH-8.0 Evoluion and
OpenOffice suite, as my knows,

> I'm up to the stage, with Evolution, that it displays (some) menus in
> Japanese, and will even display the subject correctly in Japanese in the
> preview pane.  But, it never displays the body of the message correctly
> -- not in the preview pane, nor in a separate window, just squares or
> underlines on the screen.
> I can type in Japanese, and see the hiragana as I type, but after the
> henkan, it becomes just squares on the screen.

the latest 'gtkhtml-1.1.x' which is embedded in mail composer is not
stable version for GNOME-1.4 and can not handle to Japanese correctly.

I reply to you with stable version v1.0.8 of Evolution and v1.0.4 of
gtkhtml. If you use Japanese on Evolution set, you might be need to
downgrade to the stable version.

> I have tried selecting different fonts and sizes in
> Tools->Settings->Font Preferences, and get different behavior, but never
> the correct thing.  The set of fonts I'm offered there is pretty
> limited.

Yes, I've been tried to do so on Evolution-1.2.0 before.
It might be caused by gtkhtml problem which can not rendering with
Japanese encoding with Japanese fontset.

> OpenOffice is similar.
> I added 
>        <dir>/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/Type1</dir>
>         <dir>/usr/share/fonts</dir>
>         <dir>/usr/share/fonts/ja/TrueType</dir>
>         <dir>/usr/share/fonts/ja/misc</dir>
>         <dir>~/.fonts</dir>
> in /etc/fonts/fonts.conf (does this recurse? That would make the latter
> two entries unnecessary), and that's how I got to at least partially
> working, but can't get any farther.

It is NOT seems to support `fontconfig` in OpenOffice suite, which is
now only GNOME-2.2.x series does; It's just independent to `fontconfig`.
If you set Japanese fontset on OpenOffice, you should replace the
fontset in "Option - OpenOffice.org - Replacement Fonts" in menu "Tool".
If you are possible, the following page might be helps for you.

Kindest Regards,