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Re: 坂本担当分



> 松澤さん

坂本 貴史
>From 076d9e37f94902bd31648a4427d0ab8bb670093b Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
From: Takashi Sakamoto <o-takashi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2014 17:33:12 +0900
Subject: [PATCH] gnome-help/ja: improvement translation message

According to reviewer's indications.

Signed-off-by: Takashi Sakamoto <o-takashi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
 gnome-help/ja/ja.po | 20 ++++++++++----------
 1 file changed, 10 insertions(+), 10 deletions(-)

diff --git a/gnome-help/ja/ja.po b/gnome-help/ja/ja.po
index 0728b0a..2661073 100644
--- a/gnome-help/ja/ja.po
+++ b/gnome-help/ja/ja.po
@@ -4611,7 +4611,7 @@ msgstr "
 #. (itstool) path: page/p
 msgid "If no cards or drives are available in the <gui>Computer</gui> folder, it is possible that your card reader does not work with Linux due to driver issues. If your card reader is internal (inside the computer instead of sitting outside) this is more likely. The best solution is to directly connect your device (camera, cell phone, etc.) to a USB port on the computer. USB external card readers are also available, and are far better supported by Linux."
-msgstr "<gui></gui>LinuxUSBUSBLinux"
+msgstr "<gui></gui> Linux  () USB USB Linux "
 #. (itstool) path: info/desc
 msgid "A hardware/device driver allows your computer to use devices that are attached to it."
@@ -6636,7 +6636,7 @@ msgstr ""
 #. (itstool) path: info/desc
 msgid "Support for that file format might not be installed or the songs could be \"copy protected\"."
-msgstr "\"\""
+msgstr "\"\""
 #. (itstool) path: page/title
 msgid "I can't play the songs I bought from an online music store"
@@ -6652,7 +6652,7 @@ msgstr "
 #. (itstool) path: page/p
 msgid "If you do have support installed for the song's audio format but still can't play it, the song might be <em>copy protected</em> (also known as being <em>DRM restricted</em>). DRM is a way of restricting who can play a song and on what devices they can play it. The company that sold the song to you is in control of this, not you. If a music file has DRM restrictions, you will probably not be able to play it - you generally need special software from the vendor to play DRM restricted files, but this software is often not supported on Linux."
-msgstr "<em></em><em>DRM</em>DRM  DRM  DRM DRM Linux "
+msgstr "<em></em><em>DRM</em>DRM  DRM  DRM DRM Linux "
 #. (itstool) path: page/p
 msgid "You can learn more about DRM from the <link href=\"http://www.eff.org/issues/drm\">Electronic Frontier Foundation</link>."
@@ -6668,7 +6668,7 @@ msgstr " iPod "
 #. (itstool) path: page/p
 msgid "When you plug an iPod into your computer, it will appear in your music player application and also in the file manager (the <app>Files</app> application in the <gui>Activities</gui> overview). You must copy songs onto the iPod using the music player - if you copy them across using the file manager, it won't work because the songs won't be put into the right location. iPods have a special location for storing songs which music player applications know how to get to but the file manager does not."
-msgstr "iPod <gui></gui><app></app> iPod iPod "
+msgstr "iPod <gui></gui><app></app> iPod iPod "
 #. (itstool) path: page/p
 msgid "You also need to wait for the songs to finish copying to the iPod before you unplug it. Before unplugging the iPod, make sure you choose to <link xref=\"files-removedrive\">safely remove it</link>. This will make sure that all of the songs have been copied across properly."
@@ -12617,7 +12617,7 @@ msgstr "
 #. (itstool) path: item/p
 msgid "Check if the sound drivers aren't very good."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr ""
 #. (itstool) path: item/p
 msgid "Some sound cards don't work very well on Linux because they don't have very good drivers. This problem is more difficult to identify. Try searching for the make and model of your sound card on the internet, plus the search term \"Linux\", to see if other people are having the same problem."
@@ -12725,7 +12725,7 @@ msgstr "
 #. (itstool) path: section/p
 msgid "You can see what sound card you have by using the <cmd>lspci</cmd> command in the Terminal. You may have to run <cmd>lspci</cmd> as <link xref=\"user-admin-explain\">superuser</link>; either type <cmd>sudo lspci</cmd> and type your password, or type <cmd>su</cmd>, enter the <em>root</em> (administrative) password, then type <cmd>lspci</cmd>. See if an <em>audio controller</em> or <em>audio device</em> is listedit should have the sound card's make and model number. <cmd>lspci -v</cmd> will show a list with more detailed information."
-msgstr " <cmd>lspci</cmd>  <cmd>lspci</cmd> <cmd>sudo lspci</cmd> <cmd>su</cmd>  root<cmd>lspci</cmd> <em>audio  controller</em>  <em>audio device</em>  make number <cmd>lspci -v</cmd> "
+msgstr " <cmd>lspci</cmd> <link xref=\"user-admin-explain\"></link> <cmd>lspci</cmd> <cmd>sudo lspci</cmd> <cmd>su</cmd>  <em>root</em><cmd>lspci</cmd> <em>audio controller</em><em>audio device</em>"
 #. (itstool) path: section/p
 msgid "You may be able to find and install drivers for your card. It's best to ask on support forums (or otherwise) for your Linux distribution for instructions."
@@ -12801,7 +12801,7 @@ msgstr "<gui style=\"button\"></gui>
 #. (itstool) path: info/desc
 msgid "Set the sound volume for the computer and control the loudness of each application."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr ""
 #. (itstool) path: page/title
 msgid "Change the sound volume"
@@ -13775,11 +13775,11 @@ msgstr "DVD "
 #. (itstool) path: section/p
 msgid "In order to play DVDs, you need to have the right <em>codecs</em> installed. A codec is a piece of software that allows applications to read a video or audio format. If your movie player software doesn't find the right codecs, it may offer to install them for you. If not, you'll have to install the codecs manually - ask for help on how to do this, for example on your Linux distribution's support forums. You'll probably need to install the packages <app>gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly</app> and <app>libdvd0</app>."
-msgstr "DVD <em></em><app>gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly</app>  <app>libdvd0</app> "
+msgstr "DVD <em></em><app>gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly</app>  <app>libdvd0</app>  Linux "
 #. (itstool) path: section/p
 msgid "DVDs are also <em>copy-protected</em> using a system called CSS. This prevents you from copying DVDs, but it also prevents you from playing them unless you have extra software to handle the copy protection. You can buy a commercial DVD decoder that can handle copy protection from <link href=\"http://www.fluendo.com/shop/product/fluendo-dvd-player/\">Fluendo</link>. It works with Linux and should be legal to use in all countries."
-msgstr "DVD CSS <em></em> DVD <link href=\"http://www.fluendo.com/shop/product/fluendo-dvd-player/\">Fluendo</link>  DVD  Linux "
+msgstr "DVD CSS <em></em> DVD <link href=\"http://www.fluendo.com/shop/product/fluendo-dvd-player/\">Fluendo</link>  DVD  Linux "
 #. (itstool) path: section/title
 msgid "Checking the DVD region"
@@ -13811,7 +13811,7 @@ msgstr "
 #. (itstool) path: item/p
 msgid "Right-click on video file and select <gui>Properties</gui>."
-msgstr "<gui></gui>"
+msgstr "<gui></gui>"
 #. (itstool) path: item/p
 msgid "Go to the <gui>Audio/Video</gui> tab and look at which <gui>codec</gui> is listed under <gui>Video</gui>."